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Whether worn stacked or solo, chains are everyone’s best friend for instantly elevating a look. In this guide, we break down some of our favourite chain styles so that you can build your dream stack effortlessly.

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Paperclip Chain

The chain you’ve seen everywhere... the paperclip chain. This style is available in either rectangular or oval links and can be bold or subdued depending on the link size. The paperclip chain is modern, timeless, and an essential stacking piece.

Satellite Chain

Elegant, dazzling, gorgeous. We love the satellite chain as a piece to elevate a look for day or night! This style features a simple, dainty chain dotted with larger beads for instantly dynamic, textured stacking.

Curb Chain

Comprised of twisted flattened loops, the curb chain is a popular style for stacking and styling pendants. This style comes in thick and thin variants, so whether you’re wanting big & bold or sleek & simple, we’ve got the perfect curb chain for you...

Herringbone Chain

This fan favourite chain is an elegant staple that sits beautifully on the wearers neck and shines like no other. The intricate design of the herringbone chain is comprised of small links laid paralell to each other. Whether you prefer bold or minimalistic stacking, you’ll never want to take this piece off.

Figaro Chain

Classique! We love the figaro chain for dynamic, textured layering. This style is comprised of 2-3 circular links followed by an elongated oval link. Loved by all, the figaro chain is a fan favourite for men, women, and everyone in between!

Box Chain

As the name suggests, the box chain is made up of cube-shaped links. This style is perfect for pendants or wearing solo for added shimmer and shine. We love these chains for their versatility and sparkle.

Know Your Materials!

When looking for the perfect chain, there are a
plethora of materials to choose from. Check
out our Materials & Care guide for tips on wear
& care.



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